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MDK - Open Transport


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17 hours ago, perunamuusi said:

So has this only just been put up on the spymania page? 

It's been elsewhere on bandcamp for years.

Spymania's first ever full length album and first release on CD.

31 tracks of mind boggling, genre defying mayhem and beauty from the mind, soul and hard drive of Martin Wood-Mitrovski. To describe this album as 'across the board' doesn't even come close.

Originally released in 1998 to much critical acclaim, with a full page MDK feature in NME and hype reviews all over the place. Big ups to Harry and all at SRD for their help.

This is one of our proudest moments for sure.
Turn it up and enjoy!


released April 1, 2022
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It's an absolute masterpiece imho. Probably listened to this from start to finish more than any other album over the last 25 yrs. 

If you don't know this one, under the Elton Fastbrook alias from the excellent early planet mu comp "mealtime", then you've been  doing it all wrong.



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Finding this thread just blew my mind a little bit. I was listening to this and was like, yeah this is right up my alley. But then after staring at the track names I realized something, I had seen them before. I somehow had a hand-written piece of paper with many of these tracks on it and I wasn't sure where it came from, I distinctly remember "sambaesque" on there, and some of the other ones, looked like a setlist. I still am not sure where I got it or what I did with it, never thought I'd solve the mystery of the meaning of the names. I think I might have thrown it away earlier this year, I think it was in one of my 90s jungle discogs purchases wedged in one of the vinyls or something? I really am not sure, i just kind of... noticed it among my things one day.

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