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Which are considered EPs and not


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I'm a stickler for organization so I'm wondering what you consider the proper EP list.

AFAIK there was a bit of confusion because EP7 is actually the 8th or 9th depending on if you count Basscad and/or Cavity Job. 

Personally I considered Anti the first proper EP and EP7 would then be the 7th EP, Cavity Job can be considered a single and Basscad isn't proper since it's remixes. But both cavity and basscad are included in the EPs 1991-2002 Boxset? I'm sure this has been talked about before but I haven't really given it that much thought until now when I'm organizing folders on disk.

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Looking at the RYM releases, Cavity Job is included but I'd venture to call that a single. Basscad,EP is literally called an EP so for me it counts. Plenty of artists have released EPs consisting of remixes. Discounting the 1999 Peel Session (though I'm not sure why it would be discounted), EP7 is the 7th.

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just gonna drop this here in case it arises:

Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae is not an album and not an EP - it is four EPs. it was released as a series of 4-track bundles

Quaristice.PPP9.ep.ae = tracks 1 to 4

Quaristice.9T9P.ep.ae = tracks 5 to 8

Quaristice.c9Pn.ep.ae = tracks 9 to 12

Quaristice.Subrange.ep.ae = track 13

some reports state that it's "an EP more than two hours in length" but Quadrange is just a name for the full collection. it's like calling Analord an "EP". lol.

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Nothing really new there though. Regarding length, the way Autechre uses "EP" has never really had any relation to how the majority of the recording industry uses it. Subrange EP is what almost 60 minutes? A lot of other artists would release that as an album and be done with it. Then again lots of Autechre EPs were split across two 12"s with different catalog numbers and alternate album art, with an album length CD release. Anvil Vapre, almost 36 minutes. EP7, almost 70 minutes counting the hidden track not on vinyl.

Not sure if this is sort of a "hey, we have our album out, our EP is a collection of alternate explorations of those ideas that stand on their own" or it could just be an IDM convention.. Aphex Twin's done this too

Then again there's also their mail order EP either We R Are Why and Wap88, Autechre's remixes of Gescom, so you can add two more eps there to the list. Maybe it's about feels and trying to logick this will end in a failure lol.


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13 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

EP7 is an album. :emotawesomepm9:

Yes, so is Move of Ten, regardless of what ae claim.  11 tracks at 50+ minutes simply isn't an EP... 70 minutes in EP7's case.  A CD doesn't become a cassette just because I insist upon it as an artist.  Sean plz.

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