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Universal Cleaner [idm weirdness/renoise beginner]

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So I started using Renoise about 2 months ago and have been feeling more inspired than I have been in years!
It's mostly abstract IDM with breaks. Would appreciate any production tips or renoise tricks.
Creatively, I'm just trying to find a nice balance between melodic songs and abstraction.

Thanks for checking it out.

brittle melancholic breaks. written at a wooden desk in a farmhouse in the polish countryside. 

sludgy psychedelic weirdness with doom 2 samples sloshing around

freejazz hip slop from the year 2099

Satisfying clap sound and bassline in here. 



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I like the beats but I think musically it's totally my bag if I'm honest. I'll try and give them some more time as I only gave them a quick listen. 🙂

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On 6/11/2022 at 9:23 AM, gnarlybog said:


New one. John Carpenter idm. 🤠💩


Excellent! John Carpenter indeed, maybe a faint echo of Doctor Who, all mixed in with some great breakbeat chops. Maybe the atmospheric delay synth should take break somewhere around 2:16 and let the drums and bass just do their thing. Then it would be fresh to bring it back in later. Just a thought.

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