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How should we name it now?


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On 6/13/2022 at 8:59 AM, Psychotronic said:


Yes.  Pitchfork are a bunch of prats who are resentful they never quite 'got' IDM, (regardless of whether anyone likes the term), yet they feel compelled to tell us every now and again what their learned minds think of the genre.  >ignore<

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Anyone in the IDM scene knows IDM is a dumb name. It mostly used ironically in a non-serious way or as a hieroglyphic appellation it seems to me.

I must say i never get tired of the myriad of various jokes on the IDM acronym. It's still just the best. The Intelligent dance music name is so self-serious you just have to mock it.


Innuendo Dad Music.

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Anything nerdy loved by nerdy people tho, anything that is loved beyond what is the hype at the moment by enough nerdy people, whether it is considered sexy or not, cool or not, if there is enough nerds that love it, it will live forever.

The hype trains usually dont have enough nerds backing its why they die quick hahaha

Nerds have loyalty.

Its the secret strength of the IDMz.

Dwelving in thy basement, in thy bedroom, keeping the IDMz alive.

The power of the Nerd.

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Found this categorization in a comment for a Trailer Park Boys youtube video


My brother and I literally categorise music as Ricky music or Bubbles music. It's not even just rock music, if Tiesto is Ricky music then Aphex Twin is Bubbles music.


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What I find most surprising is that someone was paid to write that article. I haven't heard this album, but here are my most hated phrases in this shitty, pretentious review:

"the specter of IDM persists"
Ridiculous way to say that the music associated with this term still exists and is still being created.

"might feel pedestrian"
Peak arrogance.

"the names of the movement’s originators still hold weight today"
"deserving of a spot on IDM’s Mount Rushmore"
Concern with status and prestige. Pathetic.

"Like veteran jazz artists or jam bands"
The dripping disdain implied by "jam bands" is not unnoticed.

"it’s functionally dad rock"
It's not-so-veiled contempt for fatherhood to use "dad" as a pejorative adjective.

"the mastermind behind pioneering IDM project μ-Ziq"
Dickensian wordiness to simply say that μ-Ziq == Mike Paradinas.

"The expert knob twiddling of Paradinas’ early career has thus been replaced by nudging the cursor on his laptop"
Such an expert understanding of the evolution of music technology. Please, go on.

"came together last year after his kids returned to school."
An apparently irrelevant detail which is actually an oblique piece of supporting evidence for his charge that Mike is, in fact, a father.

"like a clay impression"
I can't even...

"proudly bore the scars of conflict"
Holy shit.

"Taking cues from the squad of Chicago footwork producers"
Did he really take those cues from that squad? Or was it from some other squad?

"The music sounded like the macOS interface from which it came: optimistic, silicone smooth, and a bit uncanny, undergirded by a small tinge of lysergic spiritualism."
Jude got paid to write this article.

"they lack the adventurous whimsy that earned comparisons to his buddy Richard D. James."
Bringing up a relationship only to say that he's not as good as his friend.

"Paradinas’ talents as a curator have eclipsed his own musicianship"
Hey Jude, don't make it bad.

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The Finland's biggest newspaper deabbreviated IDM as "intellectual dance music" and it's somehow even worse, lol.

Otherwise the article is mostly about SAW 1 and a few paragraphs generally on AFX (the usual bank vault and tank shit) and some other releases.

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