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saw this on redeye and did a quick google:


"Another beautiful WeMe release. EOD delivers a lovely collection of tracks in his well-known sound signature. Late Rephlex, and braindance influences are obvious but (Also considering he did release on Rephlex), but EOD did add his own fingerprint which is influenced by early Amiga sounds and Deeper Detroit Electro. Ingest and enjoy. (A special word of thank from EOD go out to Lucy Nate Dean Derek Cole Daniel Tom)"

nice surprise

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23 hours ago, dcom said:

I wonder why this one isn't (yet) available from WéMè's own shop.

No worries, according to Fred it will be available on his site ?

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Anyone who ordered this in the US get their copy yet?  I'm starting to think mine may not show up...

Edit:  nevermind.  I just got it like an hour after I posted this, lol.

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Has anyone here heard info about potential digital release for this? I really hate how exclusive certain releases seem to be with no desire to give them full releases before we all die, is this part of hipster culture or vinyl culture or something? I don't really get it, just why don't they want a bigger audience and market. Not just this release but many.

I can understand to some degree wanting to hold back a digital release until sometime after physical media has been sold through (though I don't personally agree with that), but indefinite unreleased digitals, it's bullshit.

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