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Auravana Project


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The world’s most open and advanced standard for community at the planetary scale

What community has none of: 

  • Property
  • Market 
  • Money/credits/tokens
  • Trade
  • Socio-economic classes
  • Coercion
  • States
  • Nations
  • Classes (no unequal distribution of access)

What community has an abundance of:

  • Engineered, optimized and sustained human need fulfillment at a global level.

In community, there exists:

  1. A social information system oriented by human life experience and community values.
  2. An economic system based on human needs and available resources.
  3. A material system with a network of integrated habitat-city systems.
  4. A lifestyle of habits and enjoyment in education, contribution, and leisure, optimized by the flow state.
  5. A life of fulfillment, flourishing, and well-being

a few thousand pages of pdfs to read: https://auravana.org/standards/

i think this was something i saw linked on Reddit. only briefly looked at a few pages but i thought y'all might like to, ahem, 'discuss' this utopian vision. maybe some of y'all with more time/energy might actually read it more thoroughly than i ever will.

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I read through some of it... interesting food for thought for sure. but of course realistically - there is no chance a movement such as this progresses past the point of walls of text on web sites, or internet documents. this is the sort of stuff grad students spend countless hours coming up with for dissertations. I mean if anyone, anywhere, wants to try to implement some massive change system, then it has to start with baby step goals. and these guys pack every sentence with vague, high-level concepts, which goes over most peoples heads. it's all super intelligent strategy, and no easy 1-2-3 step logistics. it's easy to nod your head and agree with a lot of conceptual pie-in-the-sky ideas, but when you start asking basics like - how, who, when - then the idea will usually start falling apart.

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