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Atom-TM Future Archive Diary


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A new initiative from the always inventive Uwe Schmidt: The Future Archive Diary

The first entry is an interesting one (although it needs to expand on the ideas it presents) on sense-making, written by X1N (the trans-human object that Atom-TM collaborated with on <3) and edited by Schmidt. I have some thoughts on the entry, but would be interested to see others' opinions/ideas etc..


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Second entry in the Future Diary is a pretty fucking groovy mix by an a/v group called Normal Ones (they run an interesting vimeo page here)

Tapeless Tape mix



Señor Coconut – Voodoo Dreams by Les Baxter (Atom™ Remix) – AAA 120
Los Samplers – Vamos con San Pedro (Son Timestretch) – AAA 082
Lisa Carbon – Fiesta en Belo Horizonte – AAA 099
Midisport- Florianopoly (Phony) – AAA 090
Machine Paisley – Copacabana Palace – AAA 054
Naturalist – Nature is a Beautiful Thing – AAA 075
BASS – Bahia Atomic – AAA 052
Erik Satin – Follow Me to San Jose – AAA 081
The Roger Tubesound Ensemble – Being Enveloped – AAA 071
Naturalist – Coffee – AAA 075
Datacide – Stereo Kiss – AAA 062
Lisa Carbon – Bossandfunk – AAA 099
Midisport – Midi A Gogo – AAA 090
Los Samplers – La Vida es llena de Cables (Son Disco Duro) – AAA 082
Señor Coconut – Diarios Clave – AAA 069
Disk Orchestra – Phillips’ Fill – AAA 091
Señor Coconut – Beso – AAA 120

* (using the AAA Legacy™ nomenclature)


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