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Luke has so many tracks that have been played out and never seen a proper release.  What are some of your favs that you'd like to see on a proper release?
I'll start:

There's Not Enough Space in This Track - played on Kiss FM Tally Ho! promo this was inexplicably left off the final cut.  One of my fav tracks of Vibert, i'd give my left nut to get a proper mix of this. The only version that exists is from the real media audio recording.  

Mellotronic- also from 1998 played on Luke's first Peel session, a halfway decent mp3 of this stellar track exists

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On 9/4/2022 at 3:47 PM, BaggerMcGuirk said:

A proper release of those 'studio sessions' tracks would be sublime.  Probably really unlikely with the samples in them.

The Pac-Track, as I call it, is really one of my favorites. That alone would cover the price of admission for me. The whole thing would be gravy. That said, at this moment, I'd settle for my vinyl pre-order of GRIT. being shipped, because if they delay it one more time I'm seriously considering canceling my order.

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