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grant's letter to NME, mid 1992

Ski Nell

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this popped up on twitter recently. nice bit of rephlex history



Dear NME,
Enclosed are copies of the latest releases on Rephlex, a new UK based techno/acid label to promote as much quality home grown house talent as possible- to put Britain back on the map! 
If all goes well we hope to expand our horizons into Garage and Hip Hop. It's been very difficult getting ourselves known - although the response we have had has been excellent, especially from Europe. 
If you care to review our records in your Publication it would be a great help: These two were first released almost four weeks ago and are being distributed by Great Asset.
Soon to follow are an acid EP from The Kosmik Kommando and two upbeat techno releases from Arptran V. We are also working on an acid LP (Hi Tech Acid) and a funk/garage 12'' with Voephase and Ohm. 
If you could mention any of these it would be fantastic, though by far and away our most important imminent release will be a compilation CD with A.R.T records "The Philosophy of Sound and Machine"-much in the same vein of Warp's ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and hopefully just as good (TO BE RELEASED A.S.A.P) 
Do feel free to contact me for any more info,
Yours faithfully, Grant Wilson-Claridge

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Thanks for this.

I suppose its a good thing the NME didnt mention those future releases by Arptran V, Hi Tech Acid and Voaphose & Ohm

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53 minutes ago, oscillik said:

This is clearly fake — Garage didn't exist as a genre until early-mid 2000s. Not sure why all the hype and mystique around this label continues, but it's time to stop.

Wait what ?! (or is this for the lolz?). You couldn't move anywhere in the UK in '97 for this track:

(Though I think Garage in the 80s might've been slightly different to the 90s variant, believe it was more a disco/house combo)

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The funk/garage 12" with Voephose  (sp?) and Ohm, i wonder if thats an alias for Simmonds/Vibert. Maybe an early version of Weirs. 🤷‍♂️

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