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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to [AF044] JAMES SHINRA - SURFACE EP
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1 minute ago, atypic said:

Definintely looking forward to this one.  Have pre-ordered.  Shinra is a favorite; pretty much all his stuff is dope.  He has another new EP also on Bandcamp - https://jamesshinra.bandcamp.com/album/mainline-ep

Yeah, meaning to post that as well. Might have gone past a few heads because of the label its on. ?

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I don't  really get this kind of music. What is it? It's all a bit hands in the air euphoric 90s evian trance superclub sounding. I'm sure it's technically great and well produced but it seems to lack all of the elements that make something good imho.

Kind of sounds like it could soundtrack an advert for something i don't want to buy.

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22 hours ago, o00o said:

just got into Shinra and bought serveral EPs inlcuding this one. Hes really good 

Yeah, he's great! Listen to his album on Analogical Force. Highly recommended ?



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