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Kelela - Raven


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First listen is great. A lot of tracks sound nice and serene. The Jungle instrumentals kick ass too.

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i wasn't sure about the album as a whole on the first few listens...the slower songs took a little time to grow on me but now i'm feeling them pretty much all the way through.

the way the tracks are mostly sorta playfully bleeding into each other was a little weird at first too but now i'm really liking it. that's the sort of thing i like in theory, trying to make the album more cohesive/interesting and work a bit more than just a selection of tracks, and i think it works here. the bookending of Washed Away + Far Away works too.

there's a clip of a recent live set on her Insta rn someone snapped of Washed Away done live with a full on jungle/dnb type backing to it, sounded dope. she mentioned at some point there's remixes in the works for the album too so i'm sure that's going to really give a different set of takes on the slower tracks.

anyway, i've warmed up to the album as a whole is all i'm getting at. really good.

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