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2022 Album / EP / Mixtape, whatever of the year

Rubin Farr

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15 hours ago, cern said:

Evigt Mörker - Ovigd Jord (2022) 

Released a week ago and it is one amazing album with 9 tracks. 
Kind of my favorite album this year 


Yeah, this sounds pretty great! :beer:

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Synalegg - Vyolynt Tropiqs / hArm0nii tanD3m

Gabor Lazar - Boundary Objects

Noxin - Dream Sequence

SDEM - Worktapes

Oberman Knocks - Conder-Rhyptik

Somaticae - Présent Perpétuel

Autechre - Helsinki 11.09.2022


weakest musical year since a long time IMHO, small labels save the year (shout out to 3OP and EVEL). Also a few nice stuff that got old pretty fast (Huerco S. immediately come to mind) and epic fail (Caterina Barbieri lol lamest album of the year by far) 



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Deliberately omitting 3OP releases, from memory :

Synalegg - harm0nii tanD3m
Nebulo - Parallaxes Réinterprétations

Gabor Lazar - Boundary Objects

to be augmented (I guess ?)

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11 hours ago, species8472 said:

love all these bandcamp embeds. working on my list.

@cern also love that evigt morker album. his traditional techno stuff is ace too. 

Are you gonna do a list species8472? I'm usually quite keen on knowing your favourite records. And you to Extralife 🤘

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  • Ryoji Ikeda - Ultratronics
  • Gábor Lázár - Boundary Object
  • Huerco S - Plonk
  • Michael J. Blood - As Is
  • Au Suisse
  • Pépé Bradock - Dactylonomy V
  • Pole - Tempus
  • Carsten Jost - La Collectionneuse
  • The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This?
  • Actress - Dummy Corporation
  • Theo Parrish - DJ Kicks
  • The Necks - Imprinting ep
  • CV x Actress
  • Philip Jeck - Resistenza
  • Oren Ambarchi - Ghosted
  • Oberman Knocks - Condor-Rhyptik
  • Minced Oath - Smoke and Scissors ep
  • Sunken Foal - Celica 1 & 2
  • Paradox - Streetbeat / Drum Throne, Nord / Kenai, Desolator / Kampala
  • Sleeparchive - SL
  • Knxwledge -  . V1
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2022 was a great year for electronic music, imo.

Here's my top albums/eps:

36 - Symmetry Systems

An Artificial Intelligence-inspired tour de force from Dennis.

Volodymyr Gnatenko - Rainalice

Trance/techno/IDM hybrid from my favorite new artist discovery of the year.  Check out the rest of Volodymr's Bandcamp as well.  

VLR Industries - Transmitter

Acid/rave/techno bangers from DJ VLR aka Llovaro.

Szun Waves - Earth Patterns

Astral jazz from the Abbott/Pike/Wylie supergroup.

Steffi - The Red Hunter

Propulsive IDM that brings back memories of the golden era. 

Russ Gabriel - Aonia

Deep, soulful space techno that pairs well with Darren Nye's recent releases.  

Ronan - Interdependence

Ronan can do no wrong in my book.  Dubby, breakbeat, acidic goodness.

Priori presents RED - Nigh

A bit darker than his usual output, but the quality control is A+ as always. 


Epic ode to the sounds popularized on SKAM/Rephlex/Warp.  Nothing groundbreaking, but a whole lot of fun.

Poly Chain - Dogtooth

Psychedelic electro from the upstart Ukrainian producer.

Plaid - Feorm Falorx

A lot of mixed reviews on here, but I for one, loved it.

Ossa - Exit Language Translator

Not usually a fan of BoC knockoffs, but this one rises to the top.

Not Even Noticed - No More Waiting/NGC 7026/Celestial Patterns

Track down any of these three eps and you will not be disappointed.

Moire - Circuits

Think SAWII meets Seefeel meets Actress.

Marco Zenker - Channel Balance

"Silent City" might be my track of the year but the whole album is great.

Konduku - Mantis 0910

Double pack of secret rhythms from Konduku.  Also check out the Konsudd ep.

Kloke - Anemoia

Best drum and bass/jungle I've heard in a fair while.

Katatonic Silentio - Les Chemins De L'inconnu

Immersive and dark.  

Kangding Ray - ULTRACHROMA

"Prismatic sonic crystals"

Placid Angles - 056 (The Lotus)

Not the biggest Beltran fan, but this is EP is perfection.

The Future Sound of London - A Space of Partial Illumination (E7.002)

Best FSOL since Dead Cities.  

Downstairs J - Too

Chilled-out goodness.  Would love to hear more from this guy.

Luis - 057 (Schwyn)

Pure bliss from the DJ Python alias. 

dgoHn - Portus

"Nots" is my jam.

The Detroit Escalator Company - Soundtrack [313] + 6 (Reissue)

Reissue of a timeless underappreciated classic.

Davide Tonini - Rigenerazioni

"100% Eurorack. No overdub."

Dasdreieck - A Land of Gilded Saints

Josh wrote these tunes on his recent trip through the Balkans.  Hugely gifted, but relatively unknown producer who is worth digging into.

Darren Nye - Voyage of Light

UK techno-soul of the highest quality.

ctrl+opt - mapa

Made a planet again.

Cousin - Second Message

Dubbed out goodness on Cousin's NAFF debut.

Coppice Halifax - The Flower to Disappear

Brian Grainger doing what Brian Granger does best.

The Comet is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam


Love this tune, love this album. (Sorry for no BC embed - don't think it is on Bandcamp)

Christoph de Babalon - Leaving Time

"Doom laden" breaks.

Birds ov Paradise - Rainmaker

Lovely ambient dub-tech from the Hypnus camp.

Alphageneric - Aera 178 Pts 1-3

Three-part album collaboration of synth experiments from Bigeneric (Marco Repetto) and Alphatronic (Daniel Wihler). Absolute LUSHNESS.

Badun - Dreamers in the System

Improvised electronic jazz from the Danish duo.

Aquarian - Mutations I & II



(edit: forgot to mention:  Bot1500 - Surreal, Ceephax - Baddow Moods, the zvLd soundcloud drop + livestreams, Lnrdcroy Bandcamp singles which are now in 'private' hopefully because an album is on the way.)


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Ok - it’s almost actual EOY. I’m not letting you off the hook @species8472, @dcom, @beerwolf, @toaoaoad, @kuniklo@splesh@Alcofribas, @dr lopez, @trying to be less rude, @atypic@purlieu, @Nebraska, @cloud capture, @hello spiral, @bronchusevenLet’s get some recs!

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Sorry friends - this year was a bust for me. Barely listened to anything and enjoyed even less. I was busy and found new music boring and tired. I think the dogshit Huerco S album ruined 2022 for me lol.


I enjoyed Soichi Terada's album from this year Asakusa Light


And of course the Naked Flames album 




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Shoutout to Aleksi Perala for consistently dropping high quality music all throughout the year. Impossible to pick any album out of that. Same with Chris Douglas.

Also apparently I've been buying a LOT of reissues which should pretty much be a whole different list. So:


Various - Spirit of France
Mr Fingers - Amnesia
Coil - Musick To Play in the Dark 2, Constant Shallowness
Delly Rollies - Licik
Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh  - Night Spirit Masters
John Sinclair - Detroit Artists Workshop
Warp - AI
Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Space
Arpanet - Quantum Transposition
The Deacon - Funky Revolutions
Japanese Telecom - Virtual Geisha
Ed DMX - Breakin' Records Greatest Hits
Blue Notes - Blue Notes For Mongezi 
Various - Tanamur City
Muslimgauze - Veiled Sisters
Universal Liberation Orchestra - Communion


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tbh new music plays less and less of a role in my musical discoveries each year. idk why this is, exactly. like d-lo, this year i listened to a lot less music and found less new stuff than previously. 


however...without doubt the music i listened to the most in 2022 is Motionfield, so i'd say his record Injection would have to be up there for me for AOTY. "Injection 7" plays when you go to heaven.

another strong contender for most-listened to is Posle Vsego. this guy is amazing and i need more from him.

to round out my trilogy for sure deepchord's Functional Designs is something i've come to over and over again since i first heard it. imo the best deepchord album - totally immersive. 

Skeemask ISS007. beautiful 

Zane Trow Traces. glad this guy is releasing music again!

Purelink Puredub i am in the 90s again and it rules

MPU102 is lush. i did not enjoy the tracks with beats as much as i did on the first LP but the synth tunes on here are super nice. 

Cristobal Tapia de Veer Smile Soundtrack bruh this was surprisingly good

Space Dimension Controller Tiraguon Recordings Vol. 1 hell yeah dude. that break down at 2:49 in Tiraquon Acid Funk goddamn i'm cum

Jodey Kendrick Village of the Damn Fine i mean, yeah. 


honestly, this is more than i thought i'd be able to come up with. 


from 2021 that i didn't get into or hear until 2022: 

Wil Bolton Cumulus Sketches this is literally music for floating in the clouds

Ocean Moon Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex

Datassette Zetex

The Night Monitor Perception Report 3

Matthew Herbert Musca sometimes cringe but when it bangs it bangs



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5 hours ago, Extralife said:


Thanks for the shoutout but unfortunately I wasn't very adventurous this year either. Off the top of my head, I enjoyed the Vladislav Delay/Ripatti Deluxe new releases this year. Just recently checked out the new Jan St Werner collab but it was kinda meh/ more of a listening exercise than something I'd enjoy regularly. Still haven't even given a proper listen to the new FSOL (I suspect I will probably enjoy it tho) or the new Bjork (probably will be a chore lol). Enjoyed about half of Magic Pony Ride. Loved the Ae Helsinki set, and Hanalgig gets an honourable mention for what it is. Other than that, it's been catch-up with the odd thing from recent years - was playing that Barker album a fair bit in the spring. Nothing else springs to mind. I find that at this stage in my life I mostly go back to old comfortable things if I want to listen to music at all.

Also haven't released (or really even completed) any stuff of my own since 2020.


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florian t m zeisig had some wonderful releases this year. he continues to impress. the NUG collab with PVAS is one of my favourite things for sure. and another collab album with forest management as unt is really interesting and deep.


ben kaczor was definitely my favourite discovery this year. just love this style of hypnotic expressive techno. prefer the first of his 2 albums this year but the followup on dial is restrained and sprawling. both amazing.


3 slabs of straight dubby greatness. sa pa is buy on sight for me and this collab with deadbeat is just dope. also released a new ep on a label out of bristol. deepness.


ambient loopy dubbyness from the head of the peak oil label.


the 3xl / motion ward / west mineral crew as always had some great releases. always spaced and smudgy and out there.


deep lushness for the burial heads who are tired of burial kind of sucking. romance album really does hit. its saccharine but in a good way. and the malibu album got a lot of plays from me. just general gooeyness to bask in.


skee mask dropped 2 albums of odds and ends. such a good talent.


peak oil label on point this year. the topdown reissue is sublime and the paperclip minimiser album is a treat.


some solid full lengths from the big boys.


really enjoyed this seb wildblood full length. nothing fancy. just good vibes.


fracture doing the jungle pirate radio thing.


as always dj python had some nice releases. especially the luis release on AD93.


some eps.


gi gi is a fantastic new artist.


firescope released a couple beauts.


other things i enjoyed.


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I’ve also been off the map for a week and just switched on the radar. No doubt there’s something to find above, I’m of the impression that it wasn’t a really vintage year. I admire those who keep plugging away and looking for good new music. It’s a skill I seem to of lost in recent times, probably because there seems an avalanche of stuff that seems impossible to navigate.

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