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Jackson Ryland - New Cat


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little boomkat discovery. cool producer - worth checking.

"Washington D.C. don Jackson Ryland serves wickedly gritty beatdown and trip hop moonshine via his home-brewed label. Rolling left after a near decade in the game, Ryland’s ‘New Cat’ frames a gauzier spirit at work for the afterhours and headphone crews.  Somewhere between living room stagger and crashed on the sofa, the mode resonates with classic SAW / I Care Because You Do-era Aphex and generally that mid 90’s sweetspot, a time when the crackling embers of jungle and UK soul splintered off in myriad directions. Wrecked but still not ready for bed, the set has a satisfyingly hazy grip primed for tenderised minds and feet, from the drifting choral samples and reverse-looped slope of ’Sup Beat’ to the slanted & enchanted grid-smudge ‘Correctamundo’ to trampling breaks on ‘Eggheads’, and proper ‘90s illbient on ‘Evolution Beat’, with the moody ‘Sax’ acting as a palate cleanser for the album’s 2nd wind on the sexy ‘Rooftop Pool’, and the slow/fast sizzle of ‘Fat Chance’, before crashing out on ‘Kinetic’. Hearing a lot of this mid 90’s vibe atm, but this one’s done proper."

this one is on the chill tip.

also grabbed another album - more on the tougher edge, bit skee mask vibes. some good beats.



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