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Spooky - 1995/96 era


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About twenty years ago I picked up two old EPs by Spooky at a car boot sale - Stereo EP and Clank EP. Had no idea who they were but they were dated 1995 and the cover art looked promising. Here's one of the tracks:

Do Not Adjust Your Set - Spooky, from Stereo EP 1995

And they've just sat there since in my mp3 collection, now and again they come on on shuffle and I think 'hmmm thats good'. Something very assured about it, well produced big beat analogue tunes with interesting chord sequences. A bit like Sabres Of Paradise/Two Lone Swordsmen.

And I never hear anyone talk about them

So I looked them up yesterday and they're still around and they did various other projects and one of them was Sasha's producer for a while. So it seems Spooky were mostly known for progressive house stuff but around 1995/96 they did stuff that I would call more 'electronica', i.e. exactly the sort of stuff I like.

There's a whole album they did around then that I'm just checking out - Found Sound, people on discogs saying its a forgotten masterpiece. And a whole load of newer stuff in different styles.

So: Spooky.

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I don't often seek out playlists on Spotify but the other day I came across this "90s ambient techno" one that's pretty good:

Anyway that Spooky track near the top was the first thing that caught my attention. I'll make a point to check out more.

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