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Principles of Geometry- This album is like a love letter to BOC


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PBS73 is one of my favourite BoC-alikes, they strike a nice balance between familiarity and individuality. They're on Magic Square, who have released Faex Optim, Hijo, and s v n d o g s, check them out, too.


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21 hours ago, Goiter Sanchez said:

Yeah, having listened through now that was my issue as well, the arrangements don't take any risks. Very few surprises or wild shifts in tone within a given track. They strike a seam of lushness a few times, particularly on the shorter ambient pieces, but nothing stood out to me as wildly creative or brilliant in a way that made me want to check out more of their work (looking in my collection I actually do have something by PoG, but only because it has a remix by Fieldtriqp, an artist on a different tier altogether where making this sort of music is concerned).

Also, surprised we are all just letting that Bandcamp writeup slide! Did you guys read it?! Lol


Ultimately though, their influences are great and if this album spurs newer listeners to check out the greats then that's a worthwhile outcome.

This a far more diplomatic and well versed version of what I thought. Well done Mr Sanchez 🙌

The non music maker in me, I felt a bit bad criticising something that I couldn't create myself. I don't mind slagging off stuff that gets a 8.5 on Pitchfork but this was done really well. Just need to add some original flexes on it and it would be more interesting.

However the win, is that this is one of the best threads in the DEAD ZONE that is the BOC subform.

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small little sidenote but if you click this word it'll take you to one and a half of my mixtapes.. loads more that I'll put up eventually but what's there is very akin to the soft 70s space opera, boc psychedelia that we all know and love :flower: thought it fits into this discussion. the blossom tape especially.

3 hours ago, ARPA said:

I like this Clayton, nice stuff on this youtube channel, any info on Clayton @chronical?

He's on soundcloud under halideinstitute. There used to be a lot more tracks up on Youtube IIRC, he went dark for a while and has been posting things again so yeah that's about what I know. Seems he's winding up again!

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