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Mac Demarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs

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i find his music a bit boring, but he looks like a cool guy to have a beer with. Based on how he looks you would think he makes some scrappy punk stuff. 

Not to derail the thread too much but this was a nice performance. Love those dry drums.


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On 1/23/2023 at 4:53 AM, chronical said:

Anyone else hear this in the 2nd track?


shit you're right... anyway is well known for ripping/borrowing stuff from other artists...


chamber of reflexion comes from here:


I think he even joked about his music being basically him trying to replicate Haruomi Hosono:


BTW watch that anime ^^^ if you haven't...

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I’ve had a sneaking feeling for years I might like this dudes music but never heard a note. Spotify will be my guide. 

Thanks for reminding me watmm.

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I really really like Mac. I think the 2012-2017 run of "2", "Salad Days", "Another One" and "This Old Dog" was a uniquely awesome moment for music full stop--not just the details like genre/Indie/DIY, etc. I still can't get into "Here Comes The Cowboy" even after several tries. These instrumentals are pleasant enough but I feel sheepish because it doesn't have him directly on them. I guess I'm more susceptible to "cult of personality" factors than I thought. It's just been fun watching him explode so fast into a posh muso from just about nothing but serious chops and good vibes. He deserves a yacht rock moment hahaha.  

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