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Abstract Thought - Hypothetical Situations [Clone]

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Clone are reissuing the album on vinyl/digital, dropping end of Feb: https://cloneaqualungseries.bandcamp.com/album/hypothetical-situations?from=fanpub_fnb

A couple of comments on the Discogs page about the master tape having eroded last year, with a response from Clone:



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After The Advent said the remaster would NEVER happen twice in the past few years I caved in (it was the only Drexciya missing in my collection) and spent serious money on the og Abstract Thought CD (wasn't the only one thinking that, so the vinyl went up even more after those comments). Very happy with Clone getting on this though, knew I could have counted on them, so of course ordered this too.




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Didn't think we'd see this one either after the comments about the masters degrading and no .wav source available (tho tbh I probably would have bought a copy that was sourced from mp3, it was the final storm I didn't have)

Thanks to clone and GD, (and Mr Ferreira can still say he was right cause he didn't repress it personally lol)

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