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Surgeon - Crash Recoil [Tresor]

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Really impressed with this album, I've been playing it consistently since Friday. A tight suite of tracks with lots of details to focus in on. It's going to be tough to album to beat this year for me. 

On 3/19/2023 at 9:06 AM, tokn said:

Killer LP after a lot of recent Surgeon felt kind of formulistic to me, a very good suprise. This is proper techno and makes me wanna go out to sweaty basement raves, like others mentioned here. Probably you know this gem, but Surgeon and Ilian Tape are a match made in heaven:

I missed both of the EPs on Ilian Tape, love the Detroit vibes on this track. 

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there was a time when surgeon was a solid bank but as I went on  many festivals in the last year he just became one of many. he is still good but there is so much more like Blazej Malinowski, DVS1, Peter Van Hoesen, DJ NOBU, Valentino Mora, Claudio PRC etc to just name a few

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In the middle you might find a babbling possessed sage standing centre stage behind either something as simple as a pair of decks that dominates all in its path like a shot of sonic voltage to the head by turning speakers into beasts, casting spells upon the audiences awaiting sonic orders that forces them to levitate and collapse before the witchdoctor’s wartorn altar. 

A million hot swords drawn, a million vines severed, a million humming nuclear reactors exploding at different times and the megacities erected upon them start to wobble, the ominous vibrations of Hope Not Hate wrap the ear around its finger in a savage, chimeric chant of entrancing engine-heavy finesse. A sublime, sonorous roar with a reverberating, rib-rattling, tooth-loosening drum at one thumb and whatever else rests at the remaining fingers, it’s an odyssey in a cauldron that’s been on the boil since the 90s, ever in Surgeon’s control.


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