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AotY Rephlex Edition


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Its nearly 10 years since Rephlex closed for business, and I've been on a bit of a binge recently. Instead of the normal 'whats your favourite' topic I thought I'd ask everyone what their top release of each year they were in operation. Since youre all a bunch of rankers who love ranking it shouldnt be too hard. Cause of their sporadic release schedule some of these years were incredibly tough to choose, while other years have comparatively slim pickings, either way its quite fun.


1992 - AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 3

1993 - Drexciya - 3 Molecular Enhancement

1994 - Vulva - From The Cockpit

1995 - The Gentle People - Journey EP

1996 - Cylob - Cylobian Sunset

1997 - Kiyoshi Izumi - Effect Rainbow

1998 - Leila - Like Weather

1999 - Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats

2000 - Yee King - SuperUser

2001 - Pierre Bastien - Mechanoid

2002 - Transllusion - L.I.F.E.

2003 - The Bug - Pressure

2004 - Kerrier District - Kerrier District

2005 - AFX - Analord

2006 - Voafose - Voafose

2007 - Dopplereffekt - Calabi-Yau Space

2008 - Bochum Welt - R.O.B.

2009 - Wisp - The Shimmering Hour

2010 - DMX Krew - Wave Funk

2011 - Steinvord - Steinvord

2012 - Jodey Kendrick - Steel Erector

2013 - EOD - Volume 1


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1998 was one of the tough years to call, as well as the Railway Raver LP which is a classic, there is Buzz Caner, Goon's Cradle of History, Flyin Lo Fi, Virtual Farmer by Mike Dred/Peter Green. I went for Leila because of originality and cause Ive probably played it the most of all those records.





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