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Your favorite Sample Manager, and why?


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I've dipped my toes into adsr and used iced audio finder for an extensive period. But I've come to the conclusion that for me trying to incorporate sample management into what I do is more of an effort than I'm willing to make. For me the key is to generally not to obtain any more samplelibraries/packs than I already have and to process stuff I record that I want to get samples from as quickly as possible and get those samples into a somewhat structured and playable thing. In reality this means that usually I'll get distracted during the processing and start making something with the samples that are ready to go and have an ever growing collection of hours of yet to mine and mark as depleted recordings. But that's ok. I try to at least put stuff I make or record into folders with a descriptive name or add some tags so I could theoretically find something later.

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