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Music Has the Right to Children 25th Anniversary


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10 hours ago, YEK said:

I discovered MHTRTC not online but in the local record store ( now gone belly up ). It must have been 2000?? I was just randomly going through their huge electronic cd section and landed on it and the cover art really grabbed me. Lucky me ? 

You are boards of canada not that i mind cos they're not.


10 hours ago, user said:

Time truly is a flat circle. Panckae bunny goatse elliptic rectum. 

goatse still that same wormhole bra?


9 hours ago, Alcofribas said:

what can I say that we already don’t know? truly one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, the kind of thing that makes life feel like a blessing. 


i agree, but i played the cd next to zeppelin the other day and commucation breakdown sounds better without all the bass that distorts. it's not a very loud album ya know? it's just all that bass.


I have the lyrics to "An Eagle in your Mind".

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