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Lush Pads: The Thread


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swayzak winter boys opened my eyes to pads years ago



dnb jungle producers know how to hold back. I love how the tuned down kicks + pad combo + change up hats you feel like perpetually falling.



sparing but that keeps the pad washes special


that 'thin' nord-sounding filter sizzle I love it


back to dubby house


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Of course RDJ has all the lush pads

So does Aleksei

... and the Tundra(s)

... and teh xox (I wanted to post Celeste)

Hiele !


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On 4/25/2023 at 12:09 PM, Alcofribas said:

here are some Lush Library Pads for us. this selection is mostly Without Beats.


i fucking love this one. the brushed percussion creates this beautiful sense of motion, like wind blowing through tall grass. the bass is utterly wild and groovy. the synths splash around like starlight. and the pads just Melt you into Milkiness:

gorgeous, pensive tune. like a labyrinth of sweet memories hidden within a millisecond of thought:


Looove this one. I hunted this down a few years back through one of my favorite hip hop tracks of all time


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