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We are really excited to release :::: RETEXTULE

Exploratory glitch delay module by Fendoap.


RETEXTULE is a 4-parallel looper type effector that can change the playback speed. Interesting textures can be created with parallel loopers with variable playback speed. You can reinforce pad sounds by layering reverse sounds, octaves up, or slightly pitch-shifted sounds. Since the playback speed can be finely set with a decimal point, you can create a mysterious sound that creates a series of non-integer overtones.

Use it on field-recorded sound for interesting sounds, or add to ambient or drones to create unexpected textures. Each parallel looper is a windowed multi(1~12)-tap delay. Each is evenly arranged with a phase shift. You can change the playback speed to create effects like reverse delays and intermediate granular effects.


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at first glance this looks pretty interesting. video shows some good options...will have to check in depth on the manual this weekend. 

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