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Hello Spiral - This Box With Strings [fals.ch fb107]

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I have an album out of more odd guitar explorations on the venerable fals.ch label



"They take this bloody thing, this box with strings on it and they use it in a particular way which suits their purposes. Well, that’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to take that box with strings and use it in a freely improvised situation."
- derek bailey


released March 1, 2024

Everything by Joseph Baldwin. Recorded next to Arsenal Stadium in January of 2024, salaamhelicoid.bandcamp.com

Acoustic Guitar, milk foamer, 12W Amplifier, Korg Monotron, SRS-X11 bluetooth speaker, Droner Kebab v1.0 oscillator unit, Digitech 'death metal' distortion pedal, Rucci touch synthesizer, wooden cigarette dispenser, bottle caps, crushed coke cans, ibuprofen.

Thanks to Tom Bench for inspiration, Kerry Gilfillan for support & Jon Abbey for prods, pointers and paraphernalia


NB: the original videos that these edits are taken from are uploaded to the bandcamp in unedited form

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