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Caged Element - Inversion (LSL022)

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New EP from the same session as Territoriality:

"Opening cut “Paradox” immediately sets the tone, conjuring a journey through a hallway in a dank industrial space. A faint glimmer of fluorescent light, a leaky ceiling. After “Entropy” provides what feels like some brief respite, dread and paranoia set in during “Algorithm”, but a cunning escape plan is hatched in its concluding passages. All sense of time goes out the window in the aptly titled “Temporal”, and by the end, so to is all hope of leaving. Caged Element’s Inversion holds a grimy mirror to its own stark reflection, all harsh angles and shadow."

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There'll be a couple of singles coming soon. Just tracks from the album with leftover ones. Then a completely new EP later in the year.

Also working on a Drum and Bass album which will be released under my main Pirtek alias.

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