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guitar pedals

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is any of you utilising the Black Art of stompboxes/guitar pedals/robots 'n lasers?


are you using them exclusively in combination with guitars, or also with synths, samplers, your pc, and other audio stuffsels?


..if so, what are your favorites?


any of you people into building your own pedals....?


i'm asking because i'm gonna build a TS-808 (ibanez) style distortion pedal later this week.. i'll be following most of the original oldskool design, but i'm planning on doing a couple of modifications like making it do asymmetrical clipping (instead of symmetrical), getting rid of the (in)famous mid-range boost (for a deeper bass response and cleaner hi's), etc..


share yer darkest secrects, wickedest methods and sickest thoughts... ok, maybe not that last one (things could get messy) but you know what i mean, right? RIGHT??

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Good timing to resurrect this thread. I pulled out all of my old guitar pedals to sell some on ebay and accidentally ran signal through this Behringer EQ pedal without having it plugged in:

Thinking about dropping around $300 on a pedal. What’s your favorite?   i have wanted a shallow water from Fairfield circuitry for a long time, but I ended up recreating it in ableton

Just spent £25 on a compression pedal, no need to spend any more than that.... Its one of those Caline (Chinese) gizmos. I don't usually go for cheap brands but it's a compression pedal.... Actua

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Guest αnalogue ψings

I use all these on anything and everything:


Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

Boss PH-2 Super Phaser

Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Ibanez FL-303 "Butterfly Hand" Flanger

Rocktron Banshee Talkbox

Ibanez AD-99 Analogue Delay

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth Analogue Guitar Synthesizer

Roger Mayer Octavia


My mate has about twice as many pedals that I borrow all the time, too.

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just finished my distortion pedal right now.. i call it the SCHEURERR BEESCHT... that's TEARER BEAST (as in, a Beast that tears shit up) in english.. it's a fucking monster.. here's a small demo... i play a riff on my waldorf microwave xt synth, and i active the distortion pedal after 37 seconds... & proceed to tweak the SCHEURRN (drive) and TOON (tone) knobs.. i feed it raw into my soundcard, with just a little bit of reverb applied.. listen to that lush asymmetrical clipping & keep in mind that this was all recorded at 8am after a long night of vodka and solder fumes.. the lil demo is about 3 minutes long.. and 6mb...




i'll check out the designs of the dd5, it sounds wicked, maybe i can emulate it's design and build an improved clone like i just did with the ibanez ts808 ;)

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yeah i was surprised by his sound, its very crunchy and tube-like and the low freqs can really growl..


here's some more:




its not really a demo, its more like a full-fledged noise assault coming at you straight from the Scheurerrbeescht.


here's some pics of the beescht and his guts:




i'm gonna add water-slide decals lettering after the weekend & make some patterns in the metal with some fine-grit sanding paper & i'll probably get some other knobs; solid, heavy and massive metal knobs.




the Scheurerrbeescht in it's natural habitat.




through the looking glass...




macro of the pcb..




look at the display of the multimeter... the devil is in the details..




this is what it'd be like when you'd stuff a pcb on shrooms.

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Guest version2006

very nice


I like:



electro harmonix stuff

moog pedals (moogerfooger!)


I'm always checkin the guitar shop near my pad. This guy always has strange one-off pedals made by fly-by-night companies or enthusiasts. He also sells one-off guitars. very special (and rare) shop. usually a suprise or two when I go in there.

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Guest Captain Cooper

Dan's got this really evil bright yellow analog bass distortion thingy but he won't let me borrow it. This is the extent of my experience with pedals.


Oh, and once when I was on speed I sat in my mate's bedroom playing the only 3 guitar chords I knew and rocking his wah pedal... for about three hours...


PS, iep, your pedal's sounding fly as fuck

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i need some help. are the behringer's any good cause i know they can make some decent gear sometimes


there's a delay pedal

35 bucks for that pedal or 200 bucks for a boss


if i stomp a 35 dollar pedal will it break in half? what's the deal, the behringer looks like a good route to go, i could buy 3-4 times as many pedals that way

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so you bought a kit iep? how did you learn how to do that i'm impressed


I second that- Links plz!! Looks like fun.


I use a digitech RP7. It has loads of good stuff, tube output, and a realtime expression pedal for wahs and for realtime parameter changes. Excellent on phasing and chorusing, and pretty much everything else.


One fine stoned afternoon, I got together with a couple of mates and jammed out with an electric guitar, boss sampler, and boomerang sampler. One guy ran the boss and the P.A.'s eq, another guy played guitar, and i ran the boomerang, sampling both of them, and ran all that through the rp7 for tweakz. It was quite fun.


This message will self destruct.

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  • 5 years later...

Digging up the old threads !


I don't have any guitar pedal but I'm interested. Pretty versatile if you consider that you can combine it with every other peace of gear you have, without speaking about all the VSTs and samples you could take from your computer.


Anyway, I'm sure you guys and girl have a lot to say after these five years and so.

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Digging up the old threads !

Anyway, I'm sure you guys and girl have a lot to say after these five years and so.


daymn i sure loved that distortion thing back then when i was 17 :sup: bought the pcb from a dutch company called newtone/newton? i think?


in the meantime, lullezucht lended me his Electro-harmonix Big-Muff (russian version) which is miles nicer, he also gave me a weird pink/purple American distortion thing that was borken but pretty neat when fixed. BOSS i believe.


BOSS: i have their DM-100 Delay Machine. supercool BBD bucket-brigade analog delays--truly an underrated obscure classic. over.

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Dan's got this really evil bright yellow analog bass distortion thingy but he won't let me borrow it. This is the extent of my experience with pedals.


I still have this, and I still won't let him borrow it.

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Boss HM2 (my fav distortion ever)

MXR Dyna Comp

Line 6 dl4 (im a bit of a delay junkie :rolleyes: )

EHX Small Clone (my favorite chorus sounds ever)


Digitech RV-7

Boss PH-3 (this one i kinda regret getting but its not too bad.)

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I have lots of effects. The ones that I've used somewhat regularly.


boss odb2

boss hm2 (an 80s one unnnhhhh)

ibanez tubescreamer (again an 80s one)

ehx holy grail reverb (its alright I guess)

wren and cuff tall font russian (can't find a better muff style fuzz without getting some old russian green box, i've gone through about a dozen different fuzz pedals and arrived at this one)

dwarfcraft great destroyer

dwarfcraft synth mangler

dwarfcraft eau claire thunder

some boutique analog tremolo pedal, it has no markings at all. Has volume/speed/depth control on it.

vfe killer rabbit od/distortion combo pedal (custom made)


Got lots of other boss ones too but I haven't used them much. I mostly play bass and don't actually use much effects except for the TFR for some sick doom fuzz.

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Guest kokeboka

I'm currently using these with my band:


Cusack Screamer (a souped up screamer)


EHX Deluxe Memory Man

Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Devi Ever Godzilla


Other nice stuff that I have but don't use very often:


Fender Blender

EHX PolyChorus

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe

EHX Freeze

Zvex Machine

WMD Geiger Counter

Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator

Boss Tremolo


I love the Devi Ever fuzz - I have a thing for fuzz pedals in general. I had a Dwarfcraft Shiva a while ago but I ended up selling it once I got the Devi Ever.


I really should try some of these on synths some day.

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