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The Ultimate DIY synth thread


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Bascially I'm thinking like, why the fuck am I using all these soft synths. I want to do my own stuff. Not just for the "awesome hardcore electronic music kiddie" aspect but because i really want to have more control on the sounds from ground up.. not using some other dudes fucking synth.


Probably someone here feels the same and it'd be great to exchange ideas.


I'm trying to get into reaktor but it's kind of difficult, there are no tutorials at all beyond the really basic stuff. I can easily make a simple OSC synth but nothing really advanced, because i'm not sure what the fuck to do next. There are all these complex cells and macros and all and it's kind of difficult putting it together and knowing that does what.


Anyway, I know that Max/MSP is supposedly a million times harder than reaktor, but I really want to get started with this stuff and at least learn what it's about.


I just dont know where to begin. I'm not stupid, it will probably take years to make something worthwile in it but it feels like it's worth it.


Would you suggest I learn reaktor in and out before i get into max/msp? Is there anyone here who does their own stuff in max/msp? What are your experiences about it, anything you'd recommend to someone really aching to get into that


Another thing I'm really interested in is the idea of making hardware synths from scratch or stuff like that. Any kind of info on this, how its done would be really appreciated. There's this swedish artist who makes his own modular synths, and his tunes are really fucking awesome. but then again he seems to be a technical prodigy of some sort, apparently he built a telephone by "accident" when he was a kid


I guess the best place to start would be to circuit bend, which i'm planning to get into. bought a toy keyboard recently but the lil' bastard doesn't work at all, i'm going to pry it open and see if what could cause the problem..

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recordlabelrecords.com has some decent get you off your feet reaktor tutorials... then dissect the built in modules... then dissect the more simple built in synths....then dissect the crazier stuff... it can either be very inspiring or very frustrating, good luck with it.


for max/msp...the documentation on the website is very good....(the downloadable tutorials...there's tons)



butttt, if you're like me...that shit gets old quick and you kinda wanna dive in...



that's got some very good starter synthbuilding max/msp tutorials.....

also get you on your way in creating effects/samplers as well.....


then I'd still read the included tutorials....


and do them, not just read them :P


there's a demo on the max/msp site... i think it's good for 30 days....should be enough time to decide if you're cut out for it or not....



I think....




Good luck! :sorcerer:

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Thanks a ton man, just that the first link has been raped by a dating site.. http://www.recordlabelrecords.com/ :huh:


but yeah, that's a really good idea, inspecting the fabric synths of reaktor. some of them like carbon 2 are quite overwhelming tho!


I'll look into the msp tut as well, sweet

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wicked, its 7.30 am now and with the help of half a bottle of vodka i finished my diy distortion unit (based on the ibanez ts808 but mine has asymmetrical clipping, more gain and a cleaner output op-amp)) and it works perfectly, didn't have to fix anything, it just worked on the first try. but i didn't expect anything else;)) it sounds real nice and crunchy, i haven't achieved such tones with vst plugins yet, so it definitely was worth the price of the PCB, components and case..


regarding max &msp, read & follow the official tutorials, all of them, and when you're done.......... : read them again... all i can say is that's its some incredible software right there, really worth diving into..

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