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can someone help me identify this component?

Guest version2006

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Guest version2006

I need a new component to get my CS-50 working...


I think it's a diode, not sure. need a new one anyway.


The orange one. It stands about an inch high.

The values are:







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Guest version2006

YEah, it's part of the rectifier circuit...an scr diode.


part D4



also, attached is the PSU for the cs80.


I just need to find a suitable replacement with the correct values.


Sahib from psw writes:


A little clue.


As a rule of thumb 1000uf capacitor value is chosen for 1A current (unless the designer has been very mean and squeezed the hell out of it). So that stands for 2A current. To be on the safe side move up to 3A.


Any standard 3A rectifier diode would do. Check 1N540X series.


1N5402G is 3A 200V and it would do your job comfortably.

CS-50 will work soon!


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