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Amtak 5000 & Miami Sidibass Mix

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check out the new song by My Girl Dj Jo Quaid 5, Called "Amtak 5000"



Amtak 5000 - Dj Jo Quaid 5







Dj Jo Quaid 5 - Brings you the hits mix

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i really like that mix,

is the tape available to buy??????


i dont think there is any still left, though i probally could just "burn" it on to cassette tape for you if you wanted me to. i'll cehck with dj jo quaid.

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Guest TheEarlOfEastchurch

ahh shame

second thoughts theres nnothing to stop me just ploppin it on a tape, would av been ace-hot to have it with the artwork ect

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i think i recognise that cover of the ghostbusters' theme though... so is this more of a DJ set rather than all her tunes? (eh don't laugh if it's obvious, i didn't recognise a lot of the tunes)



yes, it was mixed on cassette tape then cleaned up on audacity

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outrun turbo V 1, 3, 4,


forever tonight


all that she wants


axel foley


commando vs outkast





is all i can think of at the moment, if you want to know persific tracks tell me where they are in the mix, i'll find out for you

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