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where can i find classic a cappellas?

Guest KarakasaMusic

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Guest AlexPallas

does anyone know where i can pick up a decent amount of classic a cappellas like pubic enemy, kool keith, n.w.a, ice cube, ice-t, daddy freddy, et cetera? i've looked for a while and have only been able to come up with a couple of compilations which had crap on them. i'd like to find entire cds et cetera, not just odds and ends on soulseek.

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Guest AlexPallas
So, b side always has just the lyrics?


So, if I search for b-sides i will find singled out lyrics?


is there new b sides like aphex twin vocals?..


not always, i already knew that some a cappellas get single releases.

anyway http://www.acapellas4u.co.uk/ sounds good, i'll check it out. i just figured there was some hidden tap that only 'djs' know about. oh well, this will do. theres some ice cube and public enemy, no daddy freddy tho.


i just found this interesting little article for rendering a cappellas yourself:


Get an instrumental of a song, invert the phase (sometimes refered to as flipping), and mix it with the original.. If done right everything besides the vocal is cancelled out. You can do this in any sequencer like cubase or acid.. The instrumental must be excatly the same time/pitch however. and mp3s might not work if they are badly encoded. Zoom right in to see the 2 waveforms next to each other (look for kick drum hits) and line them up.



using 'knock0ut' (http://www.freewebs.com/st3pan0va/) you can spectrally subtract one piece of audio from another. Start by extracting the centre mono of a track (soundforge or cooledit will do it with the pan/expand feature). then try and make an instrumental out of loops from the track and 'knock them out' of the vocal parts. This can work even if the instrumental isn't excatly the same as the song.



Besides these methods you can try Cool edits (now audition) noise reduction feature, which is very powerful. Analyse a bit of instrumental and get a profile (6000 or 4096FFT is a good size).. reduce than from the whole song.

You can also try the soundhack spectral plugins and Voxengo's Transmodder to futher reduce spikey nosies like drums.. (don't ask me how .. its all trial and error).

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