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Sampled Big Country? crazy, would like to hear that.

Yes. Definitely want to hear this.



Okay- so I just remembered that the "track" I'm referring to was from a loop that played on the splash page for some homepage. Prolly someone who used to post on the Planet Mu Phorum or maybe xltronic. Anyway, it was just a loop of like half the main loop, with maybe ATR style breakbeats over it. ...Something.

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alco : looks cozy. Super nice synth collection too ! Current iteration : new screen, Push 2, new CPU, and just used the U87a for VO / video recording. Great mic.

Gear: Mackie XR624 monitors, Korg Monologue, Yamaha TX81Z, Alesis Quadraverb, Motu M4 interface, Ableton Push, Volcano vaporizer, my dog

It’s a little messy right now- I’ve been going thru an old Windows xp desktop backing up old songs, so it’s in the way. Also my good cassette deck is out for repair, pedalboard is out away, I have som

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Guest Chesney

I am actually confused, why was "DJ tools" even mentioned? I know that dudes mate was using the tempest as a DJ tool but it's not a DJ tool per se.


Anything can be a DJ tool if a DJ decides to use it. DJ's tend to go with the simple option though so i'd say anything that requires musical arrangement and new song structure outside of the music provided by the outside medium is an artist performance rather than a DJ set.


What would I know, I have never DJ'd

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Guest Chesney

I'm having a go at Jev, I thought "DJ tool" was mentioned by the other dude who's mate did the track.


I like Jev's responses. Initially pretty cunty but he's on a wavelength.

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The admin could split this part of the thread into another topic. :cisfor:

new thread named 'dj lols'


Edit: leave jev alone, part 2

Edited by xox
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a dj tool doesn't refer to a piece of hardware, it's a beat or loop you make for the club. moving on...

Thanks sheatheman.

It could also also be a beatless atmospheric track for tension building. If ya'll don't understand why these things are useful in a club context that's fine but your personal ignorance doesn't devalue them.


I'm finding this discussion pretty interesting and I'd like to write a long post right now but I'm working to a tight deadline at the mo' so ca'nay.



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I dance (and/or do other physical moves) when it is absolutely impossible not to (music is so intense). Therefore I believe dancing can be truly authentic.

So you're less inclined to dancing than some people, so what? Who are you to judge whether peoples dancing is authentic or not? You know nothing of their inner-worlds or motivations.

Humans are the only animals that spontaneously dance (some other animals can keep rhythm), infants dance from a very young age with no training, it just happens naturally. Dancing is one of the most human things around. Is this inauthentic?

A lot of tribes in Africa have no separate words for music and dance, they're one and the same thing, part of the fabric of life. They do them to celebrate, to mourn and everything in between.


As a "producer", during those years I have discovered that when I make music, I have to keep calm if possible because otherwise there would be mistakes that get lost during dancing/euphoria.

Again, so what? If you have to keep calm and still that's fine but it doesn't necessarily extend to anyone else.


As a "producer", during those years I have discovered that having too much fun while making a track often means the track is going to be disappointing when sober (after euphoria goes away). It is important to hear the track in as much circumstances (sober, tired, happy, sad) as possible. But the most important indicator the music is going to be good is when I am sober or a bit depressed. If the music is able to make my mood better and hit my emotions then it is an indicator it is going to be worthwhile. It is like a lovely girlfriend genuinely cheering you up when you feel low. Authentic and pure.


Same as above. Different strokes for different folks.


I consider listening to the music to be the priority number one when enjoying the music.

On the whole so do I. I spend a lot of time sitting between my monitors or with a good pair of headphones and I go to a lot of seated 'serious music' concerts.

I also go out dancing a lot because dancing makes me feel great. No separation between your thoughts and actions, being in sync with a whole room of people, physical activity. I love it.

I only go to nights where I think I'll enjoy the music, living in London there's plenty of options. Next week I'll be listening and dancing to Holly Herndon, Clark and 0pn + excellent support acts.

I also love dancing to silly fun music like Sheffield Bassline stuff, it's just a really enjoyable even if I don't listen to it at home and stroke my chin.


Listening and dancing can co-exist just fine, one does not diminish the other.


It is true that it can be hard to tell if somebody is genuinely enjoying music or just "trying hard to get into it" because he/she does not want to be disappointed (I experienced this many times when I was less experienced in music, where I forced myself to at least dance because otherwise the concert would be an unbearable discomfort and disappointment). I thought I missed something because others were "having fun". I was wrong. It was simply the music that I did not enjoy at all.

Who are you even talking about? This seems to be based in your head rather than external reality, you're just projecting your thoughts onto others you don't know.

Although it's true that people generally try to have a good time with their decisions, this applies to everything, it's called confirmation bias.


Many people have low standards because high standards are harder to reach and requires patience. That is why, for example, there is so many divorced pairs. It is because they are unable to wait for the truly right match and because they start to date too soon (seeing others having a partner already). It is absolutely incomprehensible for me how can anybody marry somebody else after a year of dating (best wishes to those who had the luck and married the right-one this way). And this is similar to other stuff in life. For example, a kid lost in life starts to go out with other similar kids and because they don't know how to experience true fun and true emotions (psychological problems of some kind) they do drugs and alcohol instead. An easy way. They brain soon learns this way of wasting time and since then many of them is unable to experience fun and socialization in a different way. The brain set itself to low standards. And what happens in music? A group of people goes to party hoping there will be fun. Some of them are truly having fun but many of them just dance and behave according to others in order not to stick out. They will learn this and behave accordingly ever since. "If they enjoy the 4/4 all the night then I have to enjoy it too" - subconsciously of course. They think "This is it. This is what the music is about." while missing truly intense musical experiences requiring a bit of patience and self-control. It is similar to sex. What is more beautiful? A girl pretending orgasm one minute after you started or a girl that truly can't stand it anymore and lost herself in it after a careful, full-of-tension process? I prefer the second choice. Much more rewarding and memorable.

Peoples standards involve different parameters. Judging from your previous post we like a lot of the same music but I also like plenty of stuff you'd probably consider 'low'.

I repeat, music serves different functions. My favourite stuff moves my heart, my intellect and my body (hi rich) but there's also songs that are brilliant because they make everyone sing along or want to dance or are ridiculously melodramatic. Whatever, there's a billion reasons to enjoy a billion different pieces of music, each has its time and place.


Again, so much projection going on, you seem to have a very low opinion of people (yourself not included). I take your point that many people miss truly intense musical experience but so what? Not everyone is obsessed with music, they've got other things that are important to them and that's just fine. Music serves a different function for them, maybe they think their music-geek friend doesn't truly appreciate food or sculpture or linguistics or embroidery or fashion or basketball, ad infinitum.


Also, humans have taken psychoactive substances for as long as they've existed. While binge culture and getting fucked up just for the sake of it is a dead end, that doesn't mean you can't take these things responsibly and respectfully. If you do so they are consciousness expanding and treat you to experiences and thoughts which would otherwise be impossible. Again, you've been quick to dismiss something of which you have no experience or understanding.


The sex bit was weird man.


I prefer music with longevity to music with wow-effect. Wow-effect based music is soon going to be pretty shallow most of the time because there is a high chance whoever did the track was biased by the wow-effect too, missing out all the other stuff that make good music. Wow-effect based music can also often indicate that whoever did the track was a shallow person.

I also prefer music with longevity, stuff that's so called 'timeless' but music that is very much of the here and now has a place too. There are some tracks that just feel so perfect for their specific moment and capture it perfectly but don't last the tests of time. They were good when they were good though.

I somewhat share your distain for tracks produced just to immediately grab attention and do little else and maybe they're made by shallow people but maybe someone makes wow-factor tracks for some well thought out, philosophical reasons that we'll never know. Projecting your own biases onto people you've never interacted with is called prejudice.


IMO, there is a general misconception that music is strictly subjective and that listening to it does not require to be experienced in listening. That is obviously wrong because music is just a sum of various building blocks occurring again and again in all music we listen to. Once you know the blocks, you have less trouble seeing the context they are placed in because you are not confused by the unknown blocks themselves. This is why repeated listening can change a track you didn't like to a track that you love. You suddenly know the context as it all started to make sense.

Totally with you on this. As with anything else, greater knowledge and experience leads to deeper understanding and pleasure.

You don't understand club music and yet you insist on judging it on your terms rather than on it's own systems and symbols.

DJ tools like the simple drum track I posted can be useful for building tension before mixing into something with a full arrangement or it could again be useful for overlaying onto a track with great chords but not much in the way of percussion (remember, we're in a club and people have come to dance and have a good time). A dj tool isn't to be considered a track, it's something that has a part to play in the larger context of a dj set, something which you don't seem to be able to understand.


What is also remarkable is that many regular party-goers don't listen to music at all when not on a party. That says much about how much the parties are about music for them. But as I said, it is a complicated psychological topic IMO.

I'm not sure what you're basing this on but from my own experience I go to parties with groups of friends who are massively passionate about music, many of whom have dedicated their entire lives to the stuff.

I also sometimes go to parties with friends who are much less interested in music but like having a good time. They're not bad people, they're just not that into what I'm really into.


You seem to think it's an all or nothing situation and that anyone who dances to some simple, banging dance music can't possibly appreciate forms of music which you consider 'higher', and that my man is total ballz.

This Saturday I'm going to enjoy a day and evening of classical music, then go to a psychedelic rock party and then probably to an after party with garage, grime, hip hop and party bangers. They'll all be good experiences in different ways and I won't be judging the music or performers on the same criteria.

Each performs a different function and is valid.


DJ Tools? that is correct. DJs are tools.


fkking parasites making a living off other peoples work.

Yeah fuck those guys who play and promote the music they love so that people can have a good time.

Sure it usually requires less skill and practice to dj than to make music but the good ones are doing a valuable service to the music and artists they're passionate about. Someone has to play the music right? Or would you prefer if clubs just had an itunes playlist on the go and didn't react to the audience at all?

Some djs also run labels and release people they think are good and want others to hear.

There are also lots of egotistical twats but that's humanity for you.


*drops mic*


Hope I was vaguely coherent, I'm ill and worked 12 hours today so brain isn't fully functioning.


Here's a nice spectrogram from my studio: ERaPAnW.jpg


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a dj tool doesn't refer to a piece of hardware, it's a beat or loop you make for the club. moving on...

Thanks sheatheman.

It could also also be a beatless atmospheric track for tension building. If ya'll don't understand why these things are useful in a club context that's fine but your personal ignorance doesn't devalue them.


Shouldn't a track/beat/loop be of a good quality even if it's just meant to be a DJ tool?


And thank you for your response to my long post. I will read it and respond later as it is a quite demanding thought process for me. Skimming through your replies we are evidently going to discuss relativity of all things which is usually an end of all deeper discussions. :mellow:

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Shouldn't a track/beat/loop be of a good quality even if it's just meant to be a DJ tool?

It's good quality if it works.



Works == make casual listeners dance?

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