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alco : looks cozy. Super nice synth collection too ! Current iteration : new screen, Push 2, new CPU, and just used the U87a for VO / video recording. Great mic.

Gear: Mackie XR624 monitors, Korg Monologue, Yamaha TX81Z, Alesis Quadraverb, Motu M4 interface, Ableton Push, Volcano vaporizer, my dog

my dojo, in peace

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I've put BCM straight in at #3 on the EKT kill list for this speaker placement white goods debacle. 

theBro at #2 for his 50 squid moog omnishambles.

That guy who thought he'd bought a barp 2600 then an odyssesy turned up still way out in front at #1.    

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Stand showed up early. Just need to open it up, pull out all the boards and replace two or three tact switches and it'll be back in action after a couple years in a suitcase in the closet.  Can't wait.




Now I need to hack together some kind of mounting hardware so I can rack the Octatrack above it on the brackets for mounting an MFC42 that I've got.  Not going to drop $50 on an official Octatrack rack kit just to drill holes in it so it'll work.


Seems like at least once a month I wish I had a bending brake.


I also wish I could afford an OEM card reader.  This was actually the MCD model and had the original reader when I got it, but I moved it into something else that's a lot more picky about drives than the MPC is and basically only works with a real ZIP drive or an original Akai MCD.  If a used one wasn't like $300+ now I'd get a second one so I could restore this to it's original, hot-swappable glory.

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I still need to open up the MPC and replace the tact switches for the down cursor (doesn't work at all anymore) and the 5 button (still works but was already a bit intermittent when I got it back in 2009 or 10), but I've finally more or less combined my 2010-2016 workflow with my 2017-2020 workflow.


Found a used Octatrack rack kit on Reverb for about half the price of a new one (but it looked unused until I scratched it with a scribe while I was marking the spacing of the screw holes onto some acrylic scrap and my hand slipped).




Unfortunately I stripped off about 3 inches of teeth from the nicest hand saw I've ever owned when I was cutting the acrylic spacers that let the Octatrack cover still fit on with the rack ears attached.  I'd have thought 2mm of acrylic would be more gentle on a saw than stuff like 1" thick pieces of hardwood (which is the kind of thing I've used it on with no trouble for years, since maybe 2013) but I guess I was wrong, because the acrylic somehow literally sheared the teeth completely off. Really sucks, because it was about a $40 saw and I'm not going to get another one any time soon so I'll just have to use the part of it that still has teeth from now on.


Worth it, though. Whenever I've set up both together in the past it was jsut a mess because they'd take up all the table space so anything else I was using would have to be somewhere else and if I wanted to record MIDI from an external controller I'd have to set it up somewhere off to the side where I couldn't easily reach (or see) either sequencer while I was using it, and it just made it a struggle.  Now I've got a little sampling and sequencing station I can set up wherever I want to work.

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On 7/11/2020 at 5:19 PM, Silent Member said:

I found a picture of my setup circa 1997, behold the masterful ergonomics



If you're wondering where the chair is, there was none, I sat on the floor or stood. Yes , there's a Juno 106 and a DW-8000 in this picture as well.

Love it. Ghetto!!!

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On 10/13/2020 at 4:30 PM, sheatheman said:

Why didn’t you use a cheap hack saw? If my $5 hacksaw can cut through metal it can cut through acrylic 

I actually ruined a nice saw this way - the acrylic heated up enough that it stuck to the teeth and snapped about 4" off them completely off. A hacksaw works well as long as you go slow.  Get it close and then finish it with a file.

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