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tom waits - orphans

Guest Jimmy McMessageboard

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A triple CD set featuring 54 songs from Waits's vaults including 30 that have never been heard before, Orphans covers everything from rockabilly stomps to broken-down ballads, subterranean rumbas to mutated cover versions. Grouped generically by CD, the album comprises Brawlers, a collection of full-throated blues-based rockers; Bawlers , a jumble of seasick ballads, off-kilter waltzes and woozy love songs; and Bastards, a blend of avant-garde instrumentals and spoken-word interludes. Threaded through each album are the various songs and sound pieces that Waits has recorded for films, stage plays and other odd projects, such as Hal Willner's album of Disney covers. 'Heigh Ho', a song made famous by seven Disney dwarves, is a highlight, grotesque and scary, while his nightmarish 'Poor Little Lamb' should not be played in the presence of nervous children. Or adults for that matter."
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Guest Slow Learner

I got this a couple of days ago... best thing i've heard this year I reckon. One of the few people who can write political lyrics and not sound like an absolute twat. There's hardly a weak track on the whole thing. I'm not really into his early stuff like nighthawks at the diner etc, i'm more of a swordfishtrombones / the black rider / raindogs sort of dude, but pretty much everything here is just quality. The track 'the bottom of the world' is my favourite at the moment, and his reading of on the road right at the end is also totally wicked.

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