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finally loaded up the tutorial and and working my way through ...


so are you using dither or waiting for the mix down ... do you use it at all in other progs ?? .. i used it in fruity aswell as the tiny slices option .. so i guess i'm leaving it enabled in renoise ...


hrmm kinda answered my own question ...


which leads me deeper into the territory of what i really want to know ... is dither bad .. ?? .. i have some a href="http://"en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dither">understanding(wiki) of why it is nessesary ... but yeah .. yor thorts ar konsidered valyue'abl ..

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Guest Adjective

i would render it undithered and then dither with a program where it's clearly documented as to what sort of dithering algorithm is used.


is it renoise's dithering method documented?


i'm still using a cracked 1.5 version

so i don't have very accurate ways to monitor levels and such


so when i'm done with a track i render all the tracks, no EQ, no panning, no dither and load it into samplitude




i tried to get a discussion going a while back



i'm not that knowledgable with the dithering

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