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Milieu - Milieu LP [exp041] (Milieu's most personal work to date)

Guest jbible

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Experimedia is very proud to welcome into our catalog, the ever prolific Milieu's self-titled album. A stunningly beautiful album destined to be an ambient classic. Truly one of the greatest ambient masterpieces since Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works II. An album that comforted me through one of the most difficult periods in my life. Described by Milieu himself as one of his most personal works to date. The story is best told through his own words. -Jeremy Bible


It was the end of the Summer, in 2005, and I had finished a large bulk of material (Aurora Borealis and Night Currents, most notably) and I was unsure about the validity of my music at that point. Looking back on the dozens of hours of material, I was convinced that I was unable to produce quality music without the aid of a computer. To put myself to the creative test, I set out to record an album using only the most basic tools I had when I first began making tapes in 1997...electric and acoustic guitar, some effects pedals, my Lowrey organ and my Technics M11 cassette deck. The result turned into one of the most artistically perfect moments I've ever had, very very personal and very very real. No frills, just me at home on my original instruments. I followed these successful sessions immediately with more recordings in this same approach, which resulted in the Of The Apple and Sun White Sun albums. The Milieu album remains self-titled because it's the truest embodiment of who I am as a musician, where I've been, and how I want to communicate through my work all of these things. It's a language without words to me. -Milieu


quick download full album zip - mp3 (256kb)

quick download full album zip - flac



Also new at experimedia...

A high quality wallpaper from the album art for the upcoming Box - Core EP.

grab it here

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Guest Arthur Jigzmo

dear milieu: stop fuckin releasin shit man. slow down man sloooooow down. i cant keep up!!! naw i am juskiddin. bring the stuff and things and the items and the objects!!!!

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