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i just found this in a used bin for 5 bucks and thought i had hit the jackpot, since cylob rules and all three astrobotnia albums are in my top 20 electronica albums list...


anyway, I dropped it in the stereo to help me drive across montana today and it totally sucks!


i had such high hopes and was bored out of my mind.


almost fell asleep at the wheel because of this crap




my two cents.


anyone have feelings about this album?

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"man falls asleep at the wheel in montana, wakes up 8 hours later still on road with no one in sight"



that's fucking funny!



now if only they would put the "no speed limit" thing back into effect.


this 75mph bullshit is for the birds

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ovuca rules, but i must say i was disappointed when i first heard this.. a few of the tracks have grown on my but it's like combining cylobs faux analogity with ovuca's over-abundance of style just turns into dissonance. needs more pwnclements

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:omg: you're crazy, cylobtonia is a wicked release, a stunning piece of cd!

at first, i hated it 'cause no 80s electro anthems like "rewind", no spacey breakbeats tunes like astrobotnia, but a complete different style: its a grower, not far from xmd from analord10, just really complex music with loads of layers of sounds, beats, bits & bells, i recommend cylobotnia for a kind of grown listeners, like latest autechre or some richard devine, in a way.


its a grower, trust me

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i remember i liked a couple tracks on it, but i deleted it so i don't remember,


i still haven't heard any astrobotnia or ovuca.

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you must be a total fucking spastic or an american or something

"turn the mill" is a fucking tune you flid


kthxbye :kiss: :whistling::w00t: :ermm:


edit: kaen you are so very wrong again as usual chris jeffs invented brain dance you smarmy clueless pipecleaner

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