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Fathme Records Presents:


Eustachian / Vytear "Broken Teef" EP


We wanted to deliver the foremost fastest and mind melting experimental music on the market today, blending both sides of traditional gabber and break core, to new versions of electronic grind core, shattering all previous governors such, as speed, and cross genre meddling. We also wanted to offer some different perspectives in some battle breaks cuts.




Vytear brings a chaotic and trampling run through for first timers and self proclaimed aficionados. All three cuts are slammers; bringing a cut above the rest flavor. We were excited to work with Vytear, his work has made a everlasting impression on the quality of ideas we are trying to impose.




Eustachian throws a curve ball with an equal side to Vytear, offering a diverse refreshing breathe of horror. One after another, with their paint peeling beat-neck grind core. "We wanted to make it short and sweet, extra sweet for those intention deficits, change up needing, faster, harder, jaw dropping, and melt my face listeners out there."


So we put it out, and also put a extra special Battle grind breaks section on the end, filled with your families favorite gore-core growls, grind guitars stunts, scream noodles, and endless flare material, showing off a new side of cuts and its new marriage to metal.




More Information: www.fathme.com / www.myspace.com/fathme / info@fathme.com

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Eustachian is the shiznit! Do you have distro in Holland / europe ?


nah not yet, but is this you jonas!? this is john from eustachian. man if this is you hope you are well, been meaning to chat you up and tell you about our tour in europe coming up in march. but yeah were are working on some distro in europe. do you know any stores or distros in holland?


cheers man, John

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