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brian ellis - temple of the sun

Guest Weird Al

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WOW! this is REALLY fucking good! i was expecting some mellow guitar jamming until that explosion of melodies! this song makes me feel like either 1) running through the congo or amazon evading angry tribesmen as indianan jones, or 2) fighting indians on the american frontier as clint eastwood. from a technical standpoint, the production is all top notch. my only complaint would be for a beat to come in eventually, but if this were on an album of all songs with beats it would be a nice interlude.


either way, fucking ace.

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Guest brianellis
good stuff. some of your backing vocals seem a little off-pitch, something that can definitely be polished up when you get a record deal


yeah, the full length is just meant as a demo, so some of is a little unpolished... my upcoming ep is really polished though, and what i believe to be my best work. it will be released soon.

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