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Guest aquinas

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Guest nacmat

shifted phases - The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope

transllusion - opening of the cerebral gate

Dopplereffekt - Linear Accelerator

abstract thought - hipothetical situation

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Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko - 28

Eastern Youth - 365-Step Blues

Ghostface Killah - Fishscale

Madlib the Beat Konducta - Vol. 1-2

Slum Village - Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1


Dave Chappelle: Live at the Fillmore



Wonder Showzen Season 1

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Guest ambodino mutuumbooo

bibio - hand cranked

richard devine - cautella

dabrye - instrmntl

afx - chosen lords [preorder]

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akai mx73


huge 76-key midi-controller. made out of steel, built like a fckin tank. about as heavy as a tank, too. but what the hell, i payed 100$ for it, i shouldn't complain.


also, a nice oak-wooden 2x 6U EMS VCS3-style case for 50$. for the modular i'll be building soon (first, the components should arrive, they come all the way from overseas, then i gotta solder all the shit together, etc) + my waldorf microwaveXT.

i'm gonna make A MONSTERR, a drone-machine, the perfect instrument for live abstract-ambient-noise-drone-soundscape sets. only have to get a nice outboard 'verb to complete the monster, something like a PCM80 or even PCM90. will have to steal that one tho, proper verbs are hella expensive.

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Old goodies:


Various - Modulation & Transformation 2xLP [Mille Plateaux]

Age - The Orion Years 2xLP [Mille Plateaux]

Age - Trope 12" [Force inc]

Age - Isolation 2xLP [Force inc]

Exit 100 - Liquid 12" [Force inc]

Drax - Drax Two 12" [Trope]

Planetary Assault Systems - Planetary Funk Volume 1 12" [Peacefrog]

Cellblock-X - Encounter E.P.12" [Labworks]

Program 1 - Louder Than A Bomb EP 12" [PCP]

LFO - LFO 12" [Warp]

LFO - We Are Back (Remix) 12" [Warp]

LFO - What Is House E.P. 12" [Warp]

Affie Yusuf - The Volume 2x12" [superstition]

Zen Paradox - The Voyage LP [Nova Zembla]

Various - Acid 4 x 4 2x10" [sm:)e]

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korg pad kontrol

an electronic music kettle

loads of clothes

loads of dvds

big country - the crossing (US Import)

a dickies camo jacket that i've been after for a while


looking to buy


2 rats



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Guest 1001 0

mr76ix . the hits of 76ix par2 12"

bochum welt . module 2 lp

ceephax . hardcore esplanade 12"

ceephax . acid quakers 1000 12"

vincent gallo . recordings of music for films 2lp

dynamixII . from 1985 to present 4lp

dynarec . legendary days 12"

microthol . black stripe 12"

der zyklus . s/t 12"

mbm . ruok? lp

kfw . shoner flusangel (sp?) lp

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afx - chosen lords, with the poster.

boards of canada the campfire headphase poster.


audiophile 2496 (sound card)

studiophile dx4's. (monitors)

1gb of ram.


thinking about picking up another midi controller, probably a 25 key one.

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Guest Analogue Wings
sainsburys chicken & chorizo sandwich with this kind of tomatoey bread and only £2!!!!



mmm chorizo :wub:

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