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recent purchases thread

Guest aquinas

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This is what I got for Christmas.



Bomb the System

Da Ali G Show - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Freestyle - The Art of Rhyme

The Office - Complete Collection



Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First

Beck - Mellow Gold

Beck - Sea Change

Beck - stereopathetic soulmanure

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Exodus

Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary

Boom Bip & Doseone - Circle

Cage - Hell's Winter (with Instrumentals bonus disc)

John Cage (Stephen Drury) - In a Landscape

Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison

Miles Davis - The Birth of the Cool

Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst

Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Massive Attack - Blue Lines

Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel to Anything

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

NWA - Straight Outta Compton

Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music

Run-DMC - Raising Hell

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

Space Monkeys vs. Gorillaz - Laika Come Home

Ugly Duckling - Taste the Secret


and 1 turntable needle that I now can't find.

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Guest Analogue Wings

Rinsessions vol.1 (6 CDs and a DVD of grimey grime!)

Mitchell Brothers - A Breath of Fresh Attire

Bark Psychosis - Codename : Dustsucker

Konono no1 - Congotronics

Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi

Mu-Ziq - Tango N'Vektif 2CD reissue

Ennio Morricone - Crime And Dissonance

Last Step - You're a Nice Girl 12" (support da mu!!)

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just now while watching s1e3 of twin peaks, i became annoyed with the fact that i hadn't seen the pilot, and that season 2 isn't available on dvd in the us, and so i hunted down the european release 8-dvd set of the pilot/s1/s2 on ebay, and 'bought it now' for $60 plus shipping

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Guest Lost in Ohio

mazzy star - so tonight that i might see (fantastic album)

underworld - second toughest in the infants

medeski, martin, and wood - combustication

aceyalone/RJD2 - magnificent city


hunter s. thompson - great shark hunt

arthur c. clarke - redezvous with rama


and i'm giving SERIOUS consideration to plopping down the necessary cash for the miles davis cellar door sessions, after d/l'ing some of the mp3s. but that's a lot of money! :sad:

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coldcut - sound mirrors

colleen - mort aux vaches

fm3 - mort aux vaches

the advisory circle - mind how you go

belbury poly - the willows

miwon - pale glitter

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here's what i got from the last few months:


I preordered Clark's Throttle Furniture.

Chris Clark's Clarence Park

Beck - Guero Deluxe

Mu-Ziq - Lunatic Harness

Squarepusher - Go Plastic

Squarepusher - my red hot car

exillon - prequiem

seinfeld (season 5+6)


and for christmas,

ulrich schnauss - a strangely isolated place

lake trout - not them you

mia - arular

dangerdoom - the mouse and the mask

being john malkovich


all of which i had on mp3 formats for a while now :)

Except the dvds and throttle furniture of course.

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i bought a really nice hat today that i can't bare to take off cause i think it's so styling

it has two buttons in the front attached to the rim which i leave unbuttoned and it's kinda boxy

anyways, good stuff, good purchase

also bought a new sketch book a nice mechanical pencil and a good fine tip pen

time for some grafitti inspired abstract landscapes :)

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recent birthday presents:


Sigur Ros - Takk (collecters edition vinyl pack)

Sigur Ros - Von (CD)

Autechre - EP7.1 & EP7.2 (vinyl)


and a pair of brown leather cat boots, dressing gown and a black & decker powermate drill and screwdriver tool.

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clark - throttle furniture

milieu - beyond the sea lies the stars



joint security area

sympathy for mr vengeance




jimi hendrix

birdman of alcatraz





john wiseman - sas survival handbook

william gibson - neuromancer

steve alten - the loch



lacie - 160gb external hd

gshock g300-3av

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Just ordered:


Clark, Throttle Furniture

I'm Not A Gun, Everything At Once

I'm Not A Gun, Our Lives on Wednesdays

Christian Kleine, Real Ghosts

Christian Kleine, Valis

Penfold Plum, Scribbled I Infant

Arovane, Tides

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CD's bought yesterday and today:


Bibio - Fi

Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro

Lawrence - The Night Will Last Forever

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92

Can - Tago Mago

Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Vashti Bunyan - Just A Diamond Day



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