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Throbbing Gristle - Part Two - The Endless Not

Guest Ivo

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Part Two - The Endless Not is the first new album since 1980's Heathen Earth, initial pressings will be as the Special Edition Totemic Gift CD. Each CD will include one of a series of four different TG Totemic Gifts in either copper, bone, rubber or wood. Each one, an edition of 1000, was handmade in Thailand under Peter Christopherson's supervision.


1. Vow of Silence

2. Rabbit Snare

3. Separated

4. Almost

5. A Kiss

6. Greasy Spoon

7. Lyre Liar

8. Above The Below

9. Endless Not

10. The Worm Waits Its Turn

11.After The Fall

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Guest jacderida

seriously cannot fucking wait for this album. it was supposed to be out last year so I'm really hyped up for it now.


the 'TG Now' CD which I understand was new stuff and was only sold via a one off gig in London a couple of years ago is seriously great stuff, so this album promises to be awesome.


i'm going to buy the LP edition anyway, but I'm hoping there might be a leak soon to get an early preview.

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Guest AlexPallas

there's a preview of the album on their official myspace page (rofl), but srsly TG Now was fucking great.

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