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    • By d-a-m-o
      Re-issue of the long out of print Virtual Geisha album by Japanese Telecom (aka Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus) first released in 2001.
      Limited to 100 copies on light purple vinyl on Clone Records bandcamp and Clone.nl store.

      Remastered and re-issued for the first time since its original release. Essential!!!

      Virtual Geisha is a further exploration of the culture and technologies from the land of the rising sun by Heinrich Mueller. This time the inspiration is more adult and Manga orientated and even goes a little more 'poppy' with Y.M.O insprired tracks. On Virtual Geisha there's also a first glimpse of the directions he'd take his other projects in the future on tracks like 'Enter Mrs. Suzuki' and 'Japanese Matrix'. While still keeping true to his Detroit Hi-Tech Machine Funk roots with Electro anthems like 'The Making Of Ultraman' and 'Beta Capsule'.

      The album comes with download code for bandcamp digital release.

    • By thefxbip
      Electro Course in physics!!!
      pretty cool!

      also some other solo tracks recently added
    • By d-a-m-o
      Great news, Record Makers is repressing the two albums.
      Wireless Internet is pretty special to me because I discover Gerald Donald with this album (but never owned the LP so I was waiting for this one !)
      This will never get old :
    • By Rubin Farr
      A much welcome reissue on vinyl:

    • By mause
      DOPPLEREFFEKT “Linear Accelerator” 2LP (Crystal Clear Vinyl!) PRE-ORDER
      Special limited (Crystal Clear  vinyl ! – only on this website!)
      WeMe Records have secured the rights to reissue Dopplereffekt’s epic Linear Accelerator album from 2003. Previously only available on CD on International DeeJay Gigolos, now for the first time you can fully luxuriate with it on double vinyl. This was an unexpected and much more experimental change in direction for them at the time and came after a six year gap of new material. It begins with the slowly unfolding 21 minute ‘Photo Injector’ and over its six tracks takes us on a long and very strange trip. Inspired by the high energy particle psychics being explored at DESY, Dopplereffekt appear to be similarly pulling the very fabric of their sounds apart and thinking on a subatomic level. Even after 17 years, it sounds utterly unlike anyone else. Timeless, astounding and alien.
      Production: To-Nhan + Rudolf Klorzeiger
      digital sales  THE 19th of JULY 2020: https://wemerecords.bandcamp.com/
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