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µ - ziq - the-raft.com tracks [exclusive ep for the-raft.co.uk, promo planet mu]


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artist: µ-Ziq

album: the-raft.com - exclusive 5 tracks ep / planet mu promo

scource: promo cd

label: planet mu

quality: 192



exclusive 5 tracks ep for the-raft.co.uk downloads section 1999. the tracks used to be a "pay" - download. The download is long gone @ the original domain the-raft.co.uk too [nowadays: http://the-raft.com/ ]. you won't find any words @ the raft bout this µ ziq release.


the ep was also released as a 2000 copies limited promo cd [also released as vinyl?] on planet mu for certain clubs in mid - europe [ switzerland, austria, germany, czech and italy], as far as i m informed. the promo comes with no inlay sleeve, just a simple sticker on the jewel case gives you the tracklisting and artist name [µ ziq], no album name. though i ve noticed you can still buy the tracks as downloads here & there:




there s no discogs info available on this release [2beaddedsoonbyme]












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i guess it's ok to share these publicly (?)





Wow, THANK YOU so much, I used to have these tracks somewhere but their quality was awful, probably someone saved them from streaming or something... These 192kbps versions sound MUCH better, thanks again!

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