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this 2005 Gescom piece, track 4, is dope. gotta be from the same sessions as A1-D1

also lol at that shittyfluted intro after that from AE from Q sessions

edit: track 8 from Gescom is also pretty cool and definitely from the A1-D1 sessions. sounds pretty closely related to at least one of those tracks...maybe D1? not sure. shit's fun and weird tho. 

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9 minutes ago, xox said:

No quaristice? 😞

Track5. Sean said it was seqenced in Renoise (resembles Rale and WNSN to me)

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1 hour ago, kausto said:

Sean said ts1a is 2009 too like track2 (not 2006)

actually i think you could be right, after i said fm7 i was wondering if it was fs1r or zebra but it could easily have been synplant, i don't have the files here to check

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