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Need a large diaphragm condensor microphone...

b born droid

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Ok so i need a large diaphragm condensor mic.


Mainly for recording vocals at home, maybe the odd acoustic guitar. Nothing fancy, mainly because my budget is piss poor; i'm looking at £150 max which is fucking terrible, but i really need to get one so needs must.


I've used the SE Electronics SE220A and it good enough for what i want, but i'm thinking i should see if there's anything else i should maybe pay attention to.


I've done a bit of looking around and seen these that i might consider.


Audio Technica AT3035


Rode NT1-A


AKG C 2000 B]



I'm quite taken with the AKG C 2000 B, plus it's got over 50% off.


Thoughts people??



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Guest Analogue Wings

Get a Studio Projects B1 -£71. Just spotted yr budget - get two!




If you can stretch your budget to £180, get a C1


Fucking awesome value for money - you will not regretXor!


Personally, I hate AKGs - they have an ugly bump in the high mids that makes cymbals sound harsh and vocals sound nasal. Given this, they will probably suck for acoustics too.


Note that I have been flamed for anti-AKG comments on this very board, but probably by people who've never tried anything else.

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