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Remix Anyone?

G. I. Raffe

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If you would like to have a go at remixing 'York' off the New New City 16 EP everything you need is here:




And you can hear the original here:



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here's what I came up with...(yes, I know what it sounds like)

Nice! melikes


maybe if there's a some more we could stick them up as a remix ep


Well, it was a pretty lazy effort so I don't know if I want my name on it :P

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Guest Max Marlow
the CEO of retropublik.com is on board for this one




don't even try to believe you get something else then 3 votes, mr. CEO



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Yo.Yo.net.org.net. Erm...


I'm sort of happy with it, the start is fine just not sure bout the rest. This crappy weather isn't very inspiring for me.


See wotcha fink:


yeah I loved it


my workmate loved it too

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