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It all depends, is it a peaceful death or a violent shuddering death? Will I have time for a longer track, or only one of the shorter ones? Will I still have a girlfriend and functional penis?

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they reveal their slsk name to you once you get cancer or aids or the like, and you download a secret death song just in time for a quick one-through!

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Guest He Might Be Jesus

It would either be Dawn Chorus or Left Side Drive. If I had to choose at this exact moment i'd go with Left Side Drive. What about all of you who have not posted yet?

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Guest Dogboy73
energy warning

That would be a good way to go! Listening to some kid rattling off about the energy crisis!

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Have we now discussed everything there is about BoC so much that we have to bump all the previous threads? Why hasn't this happened on Twoism? Is it something to do with our twatty nature?


edit: Oh, yeah: Diving Station if I'm dying of suicide, [OT1 B12] if it's murder (maybe it would depress me enough to not mind?) and [OT1 B20] for a natural disaster/accident/other.

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Guest Ipacial Section

Under the coke sign...


Actually i just wouldn't die, i want to wait and see if their next album will make up for TCH


I've planned what im going to say if its 'nay good' and everything!



"They could go to Jolly Pirate Donuts and take a 2-hour shit for all I care!!!!"

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