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orange romeda is a shitty song


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19 minutes ago, yekker said:

I have always felt the 70s look and feel as well with BOC. The bellbottoms on the mhtrtc cover and the hairstyles look 70s.

Well, considering it's a Sandison family vacation photo from Banff in the 70's...

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4 hours ago, d-a-m-o said:

Same, lovely track, I miss BOC so much...

It's a bit redundant but I don't care, it's still great.

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4 hours ago, YEK said:

It’s been ten years since the last album right? Crazy

Yes, far too long. No clue what they're doing, but I hope they're doing well. But I hope they don't forget about us. There are plenty of other artists and groups they've inspired, some of which are excellent while some are simply imitating them, but nothing beats the real thing.

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I like orange romeda. I like all of boards of canadas music just how i like all of my favourite artists music that i do in particular. for example. smashing pumpkins, radiohead, nine inch nails, autechre, aphex twin so on sf.....

they're one of those groups you can not. they're an interesting lot too.

Years after being on chatter and warps old site i was led to things i appreciate hopefully you too. an an eagle in your mind is very special to me and it's experience to me if you guys don't hear those lyrics and how they've manipulated damaged them how making them hidden i don't know how else to make it happen.

When i was listening to the song hundreds of times in the past not trying to focus in life i seen how they were part of what was happening "now" then.

Sorry to go off topic but " an eagle in your mind" is talking about "the devil" and noahs ark and i could reveal how i experienced it.

For one... look at the old tunes. Peace tony devil. and in the song an eagle in your mind where words say...." Consider Your Self A Fool To Let Him Pass Us By. All the appetites.... I love you. If you don't hear that i can't make you.

To properly rephrase that line from the song goes like this. "Consider yourself a fool to let him pass us by, all "of" the appetites.  and "i love you".

MHTRTC hits me on a personal level because i'm able to experience it on such a personal level for what i hear to be revealed.

In their sense of humor as the brothers have said in past interviews they're being humorous in the sense of saying "they're devils" BECAUSE they achieved success even though they're early place of exposure was the internet? They're didn't tour much in their early years as artists.

Other than that, yeah, they've passed us by alright and they're a success. And look a it this way how much is that analog synth you want to buy? BoC said they know the differnece between pure analog synths to not? It was their focus or they wouldn't have mentioned it. And how they damaged the sound of them other than whatever else they sample.

Don't they smoke? other than that and being lazy? I don't understand what's taking them so long to release anything else, there is two of them hehe maybe to maipulate us in time  with their next mushroom cloud? hahaha

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