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Fate Charmer

Guest Moifay

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I liked it though I thought the beat stopped why too early! It should have kept on going for like 30 secs because it takes the track 1 minute and 20 secs to end. The melody was very catchy and the track has a nice athmosphere. I would have liked the drums to be a bit heavier and more punchy and perhaps darker, but that's only a matter of taste I suppose :wink2:


Overall: Very nice track with great athmosphere


EDIT: Oh and the melody that sounds as if it goes backwards sounds awesome! It adds sort of a dark yet childish mood to the track

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The beat is a nice phat hip hop beat. Music was a little bland but quite pleasant I found. Could have been a bit more to grab onto I felt. Not bad though.

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:fear: thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it, although my reply has been delayed.


anyone else feel free to listen and give feedback!


Thanks! :laughing:

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