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Mystic Institute "Cyberdon (Reload Remixes)" EP & Link "The Augur" EP


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Two more of the Remasters by Jedi Master Mark Pritchard are up on Bleep!

Mystic Institute - Cyberdon EP (Reload Remixes)

Link - The Augur EP


The Cyberdon EP contains the Original "OB-SELON MI-NOS (Repainted by Global Communication" that was later to become the classic "14:31" on their 76:14 Album


the Augur EP is Three Exquisite Link tracks, long out of Print and now WITH TITLES!


Available now at Bleep.com in Flacs and 320s, but The Evolution Records Page is F'd up and direct links to the Flacs from the MP3 version are not up

so you have to do a little work to find them. grrr. Bleep get your shit together on this!


Also on vinyl at Clone Records...




Now I want Remasters/ReReleases of:

Pulusha: EP

Reload: Archives EP

NY Connection: Bless the Funk EP

Secret Ingredients: New York and Chicago EPs

Jedi's: Return of the Jedis EP

Link & E621: Antacid EP

Chameleon: Links EP (Technically not an EVO release but oh well)




Complete Collections of their GC and Reload Remixes

Pentamorous Metamorphosis

Jedi's New School Science


ok all of it

I want all of their stuff ReMastered and Re-Released

Is that too much to ask?


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Jedi's: Return of the Jedis EP


lol, that was my suggestion.

now Marky just need to release The Butcher of Bakersfield EP like they rightfully should have in '93.


also don't buy 12"s direct from Clone. their shipping is a dirty lot, especially if you're in the US. just get it from Forced Exposure or somewhere.

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